Onam Festival on 24th August 2018

Onam Greetings

Onam Greetings

Thiruonam Aashamsakal,"To everyone, Onam Wishes" !

Vibrant and joyous festival of Onam is celebrated with lot of zeal in the state of Kerala. Spirit of harmony and brotherhood prevails in the state all throughout the ten days of Onam. Most remarkable feature of this harvest festival is its secular character. People of all caste, communities and religions actively participate with same excitement. This high level of enthusiasm and the grand cultural extravaganza compelled the Government of India to declare Onam as the National Festival of Kerala.

Home Coming

People staying away from their homes for various reasons make it a point to visit their place at the time of Onam to personally greet their family members. It is hard to keep away from one's family and friends on such a joyous occasion. Excitement of the festival doubles when one meets people after a long time.

Greeting Onam with Gifts

Elders in the family convey the good wishes of Onam to the young ones by giving them gifts. In some houses, there is a tradition of gifting a silver coin called, Vishu Kai Neettam.

In traditional large joint family structures of Kerala called, Tarawads, tenants and other dependents greet the Karanvar (the eldest member of Tarawad) by giving small amounts of their farm produce on the ninth day of Onam. They in turn get a sumptuous meal on the Thiru Onam day. Village artisans also gift a specimen of their handicrafts to the Karanvar. They receive good rewards for the courtesy.

The eldest member of the family give new clothes as gifts to the younger ones. Juniors also exchange gifts amongst each other and convey their sincere best wishes for Onam to each other.

Team Spirit

A spirit of brotherhood and good will is apparent in the various cultural activities conducted during the festival. The events mostly conducted in groups help people to come closer to each other and generate overall harmony in the community.

Vallamkali, the Snake Boat Race is another great example of the team spirit. The boat would turn topsy turvy for the lack of unity and cooperation amongst the boatmen. Various other games conducted on the occasion are also held in teams.

Making of flower mats or Pookalam calls women to work unitedly and come up with creative ideas. Dances like Kaikotikalli and Thumbi Thullal are group events which make women to work as one unit.

All such activities, make the people think in terms of a group and team rather than in individual terms. This goes a long way in generating the spirit of goodwill amongst the people. And isn't this the basic reason why we celebrate festivals??

May the spirit of Onam appear everywhere at all times!!

Onaashmsakal to you!

Ideas for Onam Greeting Messages

Here are some Onam Greeting ideas to help you wish your dears ones on the festival of Onam:

  • "Onam Unnan Bhagyam Veenam"
  • "Ella Malayalikalum Onam Unnanam"
  • "Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnaam"
  • "Pakshe Leave Kittiyillengil Onam Unnaan Pattathilla"
  • "Innullorku Onam Enthu Ennu Ariyuka Polum Illa"
  • "Karanum Kali Illa Chiri Illa Sadiya Illa"
  • "Ennalum Onam Uinnan Marakkarute Snehitare"
  • "Pakshe Keralathil Adi Undu Idi Undu Kallakadathu Undu

Greeting Ideas Contributed By: Rajagopalakrishnan Surat, Gujarat, India

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