Onam Festival on 24th August 2018

Onam Cards

Onam Cards

If you got feelings, you need to express them. For that you need words. And, more often than not, you lack them...That's where cards come in handy. Therefore for a special occasion like Onam, you feel the need of an appropriate Onam card.

Thankfully, Onam has received its due attention from the card manufacturers. A lot of creativity flows in making innovative and designer Onam cards each year. By and large Onam cards try to project the most enchanting facets of the Onam festival. Commonly used pictures in Onam cards include Vallamkali (boat race), Kaikotikalli (dance), Pookalam (the flower mat) and the mouth watering Onam Sadya (the feast).

Conveying Warm Wishes through Onam Cards

For those away from their families and friends this is perhaps the nicest way to give expression to their heartfelt emotions. Warm wishes and longing to be close to them can be best described by way of cards.

Most cards are customised these days to suit the various shades of emotions of people of all ages and different temperaments. Onam cards in Malayalam are also very much popular amongst masses.

Small children take great delight in making cards themselves for their parents and friends. This way they pour out their creativity and fill the heart of the receiver with joy.

Using Technology to Convey Onam Greetings

Besides, traditional paper cards, today people have the option of sending Onam E-Cards through Internet. These are extremely popular these days as they provide the option of sending greeting instantaneously in a cost effective manner. To cater to the growing demand a huge variety of cards is being served by the E-card manufacturers. Animated cards are also very much in vogue. They are cute, funny and touch the emotional chords of a receiver.

In this age of technology people also have the option of sending text and picture messages by means of a mobile phone. So even if you are away from your family, you can see the lovely Pookalam decorated by your sisters and the delectable Onam Sadya prepared by your mom.

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