Onam Festival on 24th August 2018

Dudhi (Chorekka) Pradhaman

Dudhi Pradhaman


Dudhi 1 and 1/2 Kg
Milk 1lt or Milk powder 3 ladles
Ghee 1/4 cup
Sugar 2-3 cups
Elaichi powder 1tsp
Green food colour few drops
Mixed Dry Fruits Cashew, Badam and Kishmish


  1. Wash and peel the Dudhi, grate, after discarding the seeds. Keep aside.
  2. In a pan fry lightly the mixed nuts in a 2 tsps ghee. Keep aside.
  3. Heat the milk and when hot add the grated dudhi to it, allow the dudhi to become tender and keep stirring the milk.
  4. Now add the sugar, ghee and keep stirring until the milk boils and the sugar melts. It should resemble a semi-solid mixture, finally add the elaichi powder, and the mix of nuts which was fried in a little ghee.
  5. Dudhi pradhaman is ready to eat or slurp like a syrup. Serve hot or chilled after cooling under room temperature.

Diwali Recipe Contributed by: Nirmala Ranganath

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